Malaysian souvenir items wholesale sold at Mydin

The outlet I went to is the Mydin Subang Mall which is one of their biggest outlet. However, you can also check and see if you can find similar items in their other outlets but be sure to go to the one labeled Mydin Mall (they have a few different business models such as marts, convenience stores which may not have the items below).

The top floor of Mydin sells a number of items in wholesale price-for some, you would need to buy the items in bulk in order for it to be cheaper.

Popular items such as keychains featuring iconic places in Malaysia such as KLCC, batik and gift purses are available in wholesale or individual pieces:


Above: Keychains, usually sold in tourist and gift shops- are also being sold in Mydin Subang.

The following are sold in the wholesale section at their top floor:

woven rattan gift items like boxes and slippers

Above: Woven rattan gift boxes, tissue boxes and slippers. Also usually are sold at gift shops.

gift purses with Malaysia word on them

Above: Gift purses in different designs. Now what puzzles me is that the purse design together with the pattern is very similar with the souvenir purses that I got from Thailand. The only difference is that the word “Malaysia” is printed on the purse instead of “Thailand”:

Gift purses wholesale at Mydin

Next, we have the kain batik, with the samples and then those in the packaging:

Kain batik wholesale at Mydin

Kain batik sold in Mydin

My mom used to wear kain batik at home when I was young. I still keep some of the kain batik with me- they are cooling and comfortable to wear.

I also saw a whole range of kain sembahyang for prayers:

Kain sembahyang Mydin

If you are buying in bulk, then Mydin Subang is place you can check to compare price. Even if you are buying individual pieces, you can also find individual items. If you happen to be visiting Malaysia and wanted to buy some souvenirs back, do check out if they happen to have a store near you.

Their store locator is at their website:

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