USJ Taipan Subang Jaya- a little of everything

Taipan is located within USJ area in Subang Jaya. Once every few months, usually on a Saturday, I would usually meet up with my friend at USJ Taipan.

Mainly Taipan caters for those staying within Subang Jaya and its nearby areas such as Puchong and Shah Alam.

There is no shopping complex here but the place is perpetually congested from Monday to Sunday, 7 days a week. During office hours, there would be office goers who go there to buy things or do their banking as there are shops consisting of business of many kinds.

Parking is a little hard to find. On weekdays, there is a lot of double parking going on. Once I had to go to a shop to pass something to a friend and literally could not find any parking that I was forced to double park and quickly pass the stuff and go. Many shops actually pay the local council to reserve the parking lot right in front of their shop to allow their customers to park there.

On Saturdays, it is still equally congested as you could see in the picture above. But at least, there is not much double parking so you would not risk having someone block your car when you come out. Usually I would park away from the central shops- more towards the edge areas where I would have better luck finding a parking space. On Sundays, it may be a little better but a number of the shops would be closed.

You can find shops selling most of the things you need in Taipan. There are shops selling fruits, stationeries, clothings, hardware items. In terms of food, you would not be short of choice as there are restaurants to suit your every budget- ranging from the kopitiam serving noodles, chau koay teow and mixed rice to cafes, fast food (McDonalds), Thai, Vietnamese and Western food.

Above is an example of a typical Chinese restaurant that serves different kind of local food.

I enjoy going to Rach Cafe, located next to The Carpenter’s Daughter that serves delicious latte and cappuccino:

There used to be more shops selling clothes available in Taipan. When I recently went to go to a clothing shop, I find to my surprise that it was replaced by a nasi kandar shop.

However there are 2 shops located to the Balai Polis (and opposite the multi storey parking complex) that sells reasonably priced ladies wear called Butik Sis and TG which I understand are owned by the same owner:

I have also noticed a host of electrical shops being set up in Taipan- all next to each other along the same road:

USJ Taipan Subang Jaya Selangor

It is the same concept as SS2 area where you would also find a lot of electrical shops ranging from traditional shops to large chain outlets.

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