Scrapbook stickers, books and pens sold at Mr D.I.Y

If you love scrapbooking or just decorating your diary, planner and calendar, you can get some of your supplies from Mr D.I.Y at a relatively inexpensive price. I visit Mr D.I.Y often and find that they often add new items and designs to their selection.

For example, sticker books:

Sticker books sold at Mr DIY

I just love the sticker books- above are the designs in an outlet. They have owls, monster, pirate, motivating phrases, smileys and construction at one of their outlets.

Sticker books sold at Mr DIY

When you open the book, there are about few sheets, each with different designs. Usually such sticker books are expensive if you get from craft shops or Etsy. These stickers would make a good gift for children party packs/ goodie bags.

Years and years ago, I remember when my brother attended a friends’s birthday party when he was 8 years old, he got a lot of stickers in his party pack and pass them on to me as he was not interested in stickers. How I loved them and have no idea where they bought the stickers. Now I am glad that Mr DIY have them and they are just few ringgit each book so it is real affordable.

Sticker books sold at Mr DIY

Another thing is Reward Stickers… which they also sell. Actually they did not sell this about more than a year ago when I was actively looking for such stickers. Basically, if a teacher (either school teacher or tuition teacher) can use Reward stickers….you can use it to pass on message in a cute and creative way.

Previously when I was in the corporate world, I worked in the customer service sector. Even though I am no longer at the frontend, I knew how it was to work in a job where you handle complaints and hardly receive any appreciation. They always came to me for advise and I would write the answer or message for them.

Sometimes, when I wish to approach them to answer their question or just to gather feedback (I learn a lot from them), they are always on the line. I wanted to give them a note with a cute sticker just to motivate and to make their day. There are much more variety in a sticker book and the pricing is also cheaper than buying individual stickers.

Sticker books sold at Mr DIY

Sticker books sold at Mr DIY

If you are into planner decoration (the craze that is going around), these stickers would be fun to use and helps to bring out the creativity in you. And you can buy decorative colour markers from Mr DIY at a cheap price.

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