My experience flying with Thai Airways

Recently I flew from KLIA to Bangkok via Thai Airways as the ticket price happened to be reasonable (factoring the free 30kg check-in luggage). Years ago I have also flown once via Thai Airways and both experiences have been positive.

The Thai Airways check-in counter is located at aisle F at level 5 of the KLIA departure hall. Basically there were 9 of us travelling on the same flight. But there are 3 separate bookings between the 9 of us.

Thai Airways KLIA check in counterI met up with the rest of the 8 persons and we proceeded to the check-in counter together. We requested if it is possible for the 9 of us to be seated together even though we have booked under 3 separate flights. The staff checked the seats availability and agreed to our request as there were seats available.

However, I noticed that even we are allowed to check in together, the luggage check in is separate. Meaning each name would be called out individually for us to place and tag the luggage. Hence when you are packing, it is better to pack in such a way that each person does not exceed the allocated allowance. It is the same I noticed with Malindo Air as well.

We sat in rows of 3 and were seated close to each other. It was a larger aircraft of 3 x 3 x 3 seaters (Boeing 777-300 (773)). The flight was quite full that day. Usually when it is time to board, the ones that are seated right at the back rows would be asked to board first so that you do not block the passengers in front of you. Other airlines like Malindo and MAS also do the same.

Most people would prefer a large aircraft. But basically, I find there is not much of difference except perhaps it would be slightly less turbulent as the aircraft is larger. But it also means that you would need to wait longer to exit especially if you are seated at the back.

In flight entertainment

Each passenger is given a clean headset to be able to plug in and watch various movies.

In flight meal:

We were served a full meal during the flight. On the day of our flight, we get to choose between curry shrimp and a chicken dish:

My curry shrimp dish- this is a Thai curry dish specialty:

Thai Airways inflight meal

My friend’s chicken dish in soy sauce:

Thai Airways in flight meal

Do note that the main dish would vary from day to day.

There is a main dish, a small cute bottle of water, salad, dessert, a wet tissue, toothpick, plastic fork, spoon and knife. The food is served not long after the flight has taken off. They also serve drinks which you can choose from- orange/ apple juice, soft drinks, tea/coffee and wine. The small plastic cup is for the hot tea/coffee.

The food tastes quite okay. I’ve noticed that the taste of in-flight food have improved over time.

In flight magazine:

Thai Airways inflight magazines

There are 3 magazines that you can browse through which is kept at the pocket of the seat facing you. There is the Thai Airway Sawasdee, Duty Free Traveller and OTOP (One Tambon One Province) magazines. I flew in August and it is the Queen’s birthday- therefore the Queen’s photo appeared on the front cover of the magazine and there was a feature article on Her Majesty.

The Sawasdee magazine would contain various articles about places of interest all over the world as well as within Thailand. The OTOP magazine contains various made in Thailand items such as:

I am especially attracted by the floral tissue box shown above which are hand made by villagers.

Thai Airways OTOP magazine

There are also pages of other creative crafts made by Thai local craftsman.

However during the flight, a friend of mine had travel sickness and we could not find a baggy in our seat pockets.

During my return flight, we flew via Thai Smile which is a smaller aircraft. We were still being provided with an inflight meal but there is only one choice which is a fish dish. Still, it was delicious. The smaller aircraft would not have the in flight entertainment. But they still have a travel magazine and OTOP. I would probably write a separate post about Thai Smile airline soon.

Overall, both the flights were comfortable and the crew were very courteous and professional.

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