Mooncake ingredients supplies in Kepong KL

As the Mooncake Festival approaches, I am happy to discover and share new shops that sell ingredients to make mooncakes.

This year, I have shared on mooncake supplies found from Bake With Yen and HOI (House of Ingredients).  The newest in the addition is Benmart, a store located in Kepong.

Benmart Kepong- mooncake supplies

They do sell the ready made paste including durian pandan paste and lotus paste. Like Bake with Yen, they have the prepacked combination to make the kam tui (nutty) because this store sells most of the ingredients all year round. In the past my mom would visit Chai Huat Hin in KL Chinatown to buy the ingredients where a worker would estimate and pack each individual ingredient separately. Now to save time, stores are prepacking the ingredients.

Benmart Kepong- mooncake supplies

For those who wish to made their lotus paste from scratch, I also saw some dry lotus seeds being sold.

This store basically sells all kinds of stuff like Chinese medicine, frozen food, cooking ingredients, snacks, coffee powder, dry foodstuff like ikan bilis, dried sotong, Chinese sausages, various food ingredients, toiletries and even eggs.

Benmart Kepong- mooncake supplies

During morning till afternoon, there is a small market located right in front of the store therefore  parking is going to be difficult. Going during later part of the afternoon after the wet market closes would be easier.

Ben Mart Trading Sdn Bhd (637905-A)
No. 2, 4 & 6, Jalan Bangau 73,
Kepong Baru, 52100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 603-62778869

Note: I was told by the staff that the store is usually very busy hence often they are unable to answer the phone.

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