Mooncake ingredients, supplies and mould from HOI

I visited HOI (stands for House of Ingredients) which is a large bakery supplies store and find that they do sell all the supplies you need to make your own mooncakes- from the ingredients, fillings, boxes, box liners, mooncake themed paper bags, mooncake stickers (to identify the flavour) and even wooden and plastic mooncake moulds.

Mooncake supplies by House of Ingredients HOI

The HOI store I went is located at Bandar Sri Damansara- basically there are 2 large stores located within what that looked like an industry area. On weekends, the factories and stores nearby do not open and yet there are many cars parked near the HOI stores by those who are coming to get their baking products.

For those who wish to make their mooncake this Mooncake festival, you can find most of the items you need here:

Mooncake supplies by House of Ingredients HOI

The above are mooncake fillings like lotus, red bean, yam, pandan paste and other flavours. Look at the bottom shelf and you can see that they actually sell wooden moulds! I know a lot of people look for wooden moulds and HOI do sell them. For mooncake wooden moulds, they have the round shape that retails for RM34.43:

Mooncake wooden molds by HOI

Aside from that, they also sell the plastic mould variants which you can also find in a lot of online stores:

Mooncake supplies by House of Ingredients HOI

On the picture above, you can the various designs of the moulds, some containing cute cartoon characters. And they also sell the plastic baskets which is usually used to put baked mooncake doughs that comes in the shape of cute animals.

Plastic mooncake moulds sold at HOI bakery

I have always been curious about how these moulds really look like as previously I usually see these online. A complete set with cartoon characters is priced at RM18.50.

Mooncake boxes and paper bags sold by HOI

There are also a number of mooncake boxes designs to choose from. But of course most of these boxes are of generic design.

Mooncake plastic box with plastic cover

When you buy mooncakes from branded stores, the mooncakes are usually placed on plastic box and then sealed using individual packing. I am amazed the shop even sells these packing, but if not mistaken the size matches the ones for the plastic moulds but not the larger old fashioned ones made with the wooden moulds.Mooncake stickers by House of Ingredients

The final touch…. stickers that contains the mooncake flavours such as black sesame lotus paste, red bean paste, yam paste, white lotus paste, double egg yolk, etc. When you make the mooncakes and are packing them in individual packing or in a box, the stickers are very useful to help to identify them and to add a professional look to the packaging.

When we used to make mooncakes in the past, my mom made only 2 flavours- lotus paste (with and without egg yolk) as well as kam tui (nutty). The one with lotus paste filling would be made using the round mould while the kam tui is made using the square mould. Still, it can get challenging to identify them… especially some she made with and without the egg yolks. Also, she also made durian lotus paste and if we do not put separately, it would get mixed up with the lotus paste ones.

Hence stickers or even some form of labeling would be useful.

House of Ingredients (HOI)
13A, Jalan Gangsa SD 5/3f,
Bandar Sri Damansara,
52200 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-6270 9116
Facebook page:
Operating hours:
Monday to Saturday 9am to 6pm
Sunday 9am to 2pm
Close on Tuesday


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