Baker’s Cottage Food- Value Meal Menu

Baker’s Cottage have been quite innovative. Originally selling cakes, bread and pastries, they have added mooncake in the mix. And few months ago, they started to introduce meal sets- mainly chicken rice in their mix.

Baker's cottage

Note: This may not be available in all their outlets. If they do provide additional meal offers, they would usually also allocate a few small tables in their outlets to allow their customers to dine in.

I have seen the menu consisting of nasi ayam panggang and ayam masak merah with a drink for RM6.50 in a few of their outlets. They also sell ayam panggang similar to Ayamas.

They also offer a set meal consisting of pastry or cake with a hot drink for a discounted price.

Below is the enlarged menu:

Baker's Cottage Chicken rice menu

Baker's Cottage food menu

Above are add ons that consist of discounted price with purchase of a value meal or RM9.30 and above. Only a maximum of 3 items are allowed to be added on.

Hence, if I were to buy a set of their nasi lemak ayam panggang/ ayam masak merah, it would cost me RM6.50 with a drink. By adding another RM2.50, I would get myself a muffin too which complete a meal with drink and dessert. The price would still come out cheaper than buying from McD or KFC.

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