Party Supply Items and Goodie Bags sold at Kaison

If you wish to throw a party, you would be able to get party packs from Mr D.I.Y and a few shops in Petaling Street (KL Chinatown/ Jalan Sultan).

However, if you want something more creative and not made from China, you can head on to Kaison to take a look:

Below you have various types of balloons being sold:

Kaison Creative Party Supplies

Then there are the cute fancy plates:

Kaison Creative Party Supplies

These can be used not only for parties but for makan-makan sessions. For example in my previous workplace, we used to celebrate birthdays, milestones, team gathering and farewells quite frequently. So literally we would have frequent gathering where some contributed and different persons chip in with different responsibilities…. one will buy the cake (usually we get from Secret Recipe or Cake Sense).

Then there would be different colleagues in charge of getting food, paper plates and cups. Sometimes we just have a potluck session. No one had the time to wash plates so it is always using disposable items. Once a while, someone would take the trouble to get these cute looking plates with designs, decorate with party decos and balloons.

There are also interesting mini banners and wall decos that can be used to spruce up the place such as Happy Birthday banners, for bridal or baby showers:

Kaison Creative Party Supplies

Kaison Creative Party Supplies

Kaison Creative Party Supplies

Kaison Creative Party Supplies

If you are organizing a party, especially for the kids and want to give out party packs, then you can also also find gift boxes, gift bags, stickers and mini gifts from Kaison. Definitely they have a large selection of cute Christmas themed gifts by end of the year.

Most of all, their items are affordable. Not expensive or overpriced and the quality is quite good. My favourite Kaison product is the calendar sold by Kaison which is cute and easy to write on costing less than RM10. These calendars would start to go on sale sometime in November can tend to run out of stocks relatively quickly.

You can check out the listing of Kaison outlets and telephone here (I do my best to keep it updated). I also create a page to specifically list down the posts I am writing about Kaison because I do love visiting the store.


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