McDonalds Breakfast Menu

Different McDonalds outlets have different operating hours. If you are going to the one that is opened 24 hours, you would be able to obtain your McDonalds breakfast menu from 4am to 10am.

Update: Do note that effective 1 September 2018, a 6% service tax would be chargeable to the menu prices (they mentioned to contact customer service at 1300-13-1300 for any clarification). 

I have checked with one of the outlets, after the breakfast menu ends at 10am, it would be followed by the value meal until 4am the next day. Most of the pricing are standard except for outlets located at certain places like airports and Genting highlands where the price is more expensive. However if the outlet is not 24 hours and only opened at 10am, there would not be any breakfast menu.

To check on the normal menu, please go to this post.

McDonalds Breakfast Menu

The pricing for different breakfast menu combination is as per below (please click to enlarge the images):

The price is the updated price which excludes gst.

There is the 1+ 1 pick which now costs RM5.65 eff 1 June 2018 (previously was RM5.99 with tax):

McDonalds Malaysia Breakfast menu

There is also the Happy Meal and the Family Breakfast box which caters for a large set families:

McDonalds Malaysia Breakfast menu

Hee, hee, they also have cakoi, a Chinese variety food which can be found in many wet markets. It goes well with porridge.

McDonalds Malaysia Breakfast menu

Below is the Big Breakfast set which I have bought:

McDonalds Malaysia Breakfast menu

It is delicious. It comes with a grape concort (like grape jam) which I did not include in the picture. It is sweet but nicely balance out the salty taste of the rest.

Nowadays, a packet of noodles cost between RM6.50 to RM7.50. Plus a drink is about RM2 (but if tapau is about RM2.40). I just paid RM10.40 for the big set as per above which is a Western breakfast.

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