Bakers Cottage Mooncake 2018 early offers

Baker Cottage have already commenced sales of their mooncakes for 2018 very easy this year. In fact, I have seen the banner below being displayed at a Baker’s Cottage outlet since few weeks ago:

Early bird promotion:

They are having early bird promotion but the staff was not sure when the offer will be over.

Bakers Cottage Mooncake 2018

They have the following:

Package A: Pure Lotus + Red Bean = RM23.90 (normal price RM31.80)

Package B: Red Bean + Pandan Lotus = RM23.90 (normal price RM31.80)

Package C: Prevous Black + Low Sugar White Lotus = RM27.90 (normal price RM38.40)

Package D: Mixed Nuts + Pure Lotus = RM27.90 (normal price RM37.60)

And there is free Macau egg tarts as well.

Because of their early bird offer, I have started to buy some mooncakes back with their macau egg tarts:

I figured that since there is discount on the mooncakes and also by itself the macau egg tarts would have cost about RM5, I bought some home to try. Love the macau egg tarts.

Actually the full moon each year falls on 15th day of the 8th lunar month in the Chinese calendar. 13 July 2018 is actually the first day of the 6th lunar month. Now mooncake sales have started very early.

This brought back some memories….

When I was young, we do not have factory produced mooncakes. My mom used to buy from Seng Kee which is an old shoplot lcoated opposite Kotaraya (the shop right opposite Tong Woh). Each year, production of the mooncake would be in house within the old restaurant itself and they will start after the Hungry Ghost festival which is the 14th day of the 7th calendar month. If I remember correctly, they actually employ expert makers from China to come for about a month to make the mooncakes. And the mooncakes those days were not halal as they would put lard in it.

Nevertheless… mooncakes are something that is loved by all races. Everyone get to enjoy mooncakes now that the mooncakes are mostly halal. In a way it is good that sales begin early so that those who love mooncakes are able to buy them for consumption earlier.

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2 thoughts on “Bakers Cottage Mooncake 2018 early offers”

  1. Thanks for the article. It helps me to check the prices of moon cakes in Malaysia. In Germany the basic ones are sold 4€/pc (RM 20). It’s so expensive! Now I know it costs the same in Malaysia. When I was a child, my mom used to buy two cylinders of them, one pure lotus and one red bean.They’re cheap at that time.

  2. Hi Han Keat,
    Great to know that mooncakes are available in Germany too 🙂
    I think the ones sold in Bakers Cottage are of medium priced. They are more affordable… but personally, all mooncakes are seriously overpriced. The ones sold at hotels and olden brands can go above RM20 per piece.
    Yes, I remember the cylinders… those good old days where taste is more important than packaging. Today you can still find the cylinder type but sold at markets and not really delicious.

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