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Selamat Hari Raya to all. Hope you have a great celebration with your loved ones.

Here are the compilation of Raya wishes as found in advertisement in papers. Some companies have creative wishes and graphic in conjunction with Hari Raya:


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View the past compilation of Raya messages here.

2023: Ramadan Message:

ramadan inspirational quote

Ramadan… is a reminder that we are capable of changing our habits and become better versions of ourselves.

2019: Raya message from Petronas Malaysia:

A little sweet. A little salty. A little heat. A lot of heart. The most treasured family recipes are the memory we make celebrating together.
Blessings aren’t just the food we have on our tables, but the people we share them with.


TNB- Bahasa (view original ad):

Rumah Epik Fantastik- Riuh rendah bersama keluara, mengundang seri di Hari Raya

Gelak tawa dan bual mesra dengan keluarga menghidupkan lagi suasana. Hulur-menghulur, saling berkongsi, mengeratkan hubungan kita. Jauh mahupun dekat, semuanya meriah berkumpul dengan yang tersayang di bawah satu bumbung. Detik-detik inilah yang mengukir memori manis di hati. Walau setahun sekali, Hari Raya pasti membawa seribu makna apabila diraikan bersama.

TNB- English (view original ad):

Rumah Epik Fantastik- What brings us closer is bigger than all our differences put together

The lively conversations and the cheery laughter, brightening up every corner of the house. The criss-crossing of hands over the glorious Raya spread. The sharing of things, from pillows to sinks.
Raya is about coming together with loved ones near and far, under one roof. And even though we rarely see each other, there’s something about the celebrations that bring us ever closer

Straits Times | BH | Harian Metro (view original ad):

Nilai murni kesempurnaan diri
Perbaiki jati sucikan hati
Sepuluh jari disusun rapi
Moga hidup lebih diberkati

Sama-sama kita cuba

Syukur Ikhlas Mulia Redha Rahmat Sabar Adab Kasih Hormat Taat

Straits Times | BH | Harian Metro (view original ad):

Redha itu perlu diterima, bukan dikesali

Setia (Bahasa) (view original ad):

Samping: Ikatan yang kemas memerlukan sepasang tangan lain
Kadang kala, tidak sempurnanya sesuatu tanpa sepasang tangan lain membantu. Di Setia, kami percaya Aidilfitri pastinya lebih ceria dan bermakna bila disambut bersama.
Sempena bulan mulia ini, ayuh kita raikan semeriahnya… disamping keluarga tercinta.
Setia di sampingmu. Salam Aidilfitri.

Setia (English):

The Samping: A cloth that can’t be tied well by oneself.
Like the Samping that requires a pair of helping hands, there are things in life that can’t be done alone. At Setia, it is our belief that together, celebrations are bigger and happier.
This Raya, let’s celebrate the festival faithfully, by each other’s side.
Setia di sampingmu. Salam Aidilfitri.

Selangor Properties Berhad (view original ad):

The most masterful creations are those that combine attention to detail with a purpose that serves the ones we love. This is symbolised by craftsmen who delicately adorn the platters that welcome our families home. We embrace this heartfelt purpose through our pursuit of timeless design and unrivalled quality, driven by a single passion: A Passion for Excellence.

Cuckoo #BalikBerayaBudayaKita (view original ad):

Semakin ke penghujung Ramadan, semakin rindu akan kampung halaman.
Semenangnya, kepulangan yang sentiasa dinantikan, diraikan dengan penuh keceriaan bagi setiap warga Malaysia- tidak kira di mana kita berada, tidak kira tua atau muda, tidak kira bersendiriaan atau berkeluarga, dan tidak kira ragam dan caranya.

Tunetalk (view original English and BM ad):

Sincerity is a virtue,
Good vibes is a blessing.

Berbaik sangka itu mulia,
Iklaskan hati, senyum ceria

Old Town White Coffee (view original ad):

Gengang gendut di Aidilfitri
kenyang perut, kenalah minum Old Town White Coffee!


Petronas (view original ad):


Syawal lebih bermakna apabila kita bersama.

Below are also some other advertisements which are creative:

Maxis- combining Raya with World Cup football fever:

Maxis raya and world cup

Tabung Haji in usage of colours in design:

Mitec design:

And MGAG with their entertaining Raya video…. taking about type of aunties during Raya:

I love watching their videos and they have a lot of videos with the true Malaysian flavour.

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