Where to buy door and window curtains and rods for your home

Recently I had to look for new curtains for my house’s sliding door because my beloved pet dog had bit and dragged my door curtain on the floor.

The sliding door and window curtains in my home still use the hook type, whereby you need to hook the curtain using a steel hook to a ring that is attached to a metal rod.

As much as I love my pet dog, this time I think our friend has gone a bit too far. While dragging my entire door curtain down, he also dragged the curtain running rings down as well. I thought, well, more expenses now that I would have to change to the wooden rods- ie get someone to come and cut and fix the rod for me.

I have always bought my curtains for both my sliding door and windows from Nagoya textile. So far I find the ones sold by Nagoya to be of good quality based on the price that you pay for. I bought my first door curtain from them for RM56 (mine is a 9 feet width x 7 feet height sliding door) under an offer. The curtain lasts for years…and it is thick and non seen through type…. until my dog bit and dragged the curtain from the outside.

Nagoya Testil

Above is their outlet located at AEON Subang. Recently Mr D.I.Y had opened right next to them.

The downside is that usually the ready made selections are limited at Nagoya. You have to make do with whatever designs and colours that they have. Usually they would place the ready made ones out on the offer section.

Important: Before buying curtains, always measure the height and width of your window and door.

You do not want to end up spending few hundred bucks on a curtain that is either too long, too short or not wide enough. Then jot down the measurement either on your phone’s notepad app. Sometimes you measure in cm and the package is in inches. It is okay…. all you need to do is to Google the conversion.

I only managed to buy a door curtain that is not wide enough for my sliding door because based on the measurement, Nagoya only have stocks left for 2 packs enough just to cover 2/3 of my sliding door width. But that is better than having the view of my living room being exposed to plain sight of passerby at night.

Nagoya also sell the curtain rods of 5 feet and 10 feet. My sliding door is about 9 feet in width hence I am advised to get someone to cut the rod if I wish to install it. I explained about my broken rings and two of the Nagoya staff actually advised me to get curtain rings replacement…. that I do not need to replace the entire curtain rod… but unfortunately Nagoya does not sell them.

Alternatively you can have your curtains custom made by selecting the cloth type you wish from Nagoya. The staff would be able to give you advise based on your requirements such as colour, thickness, see-through or not, material type and measurement. But it would definitely be much more expensive than the ready made ones.

Finally, a friend also suggested Mydin and AEON (former Jaya Jusco). I also went to take a look at the ones sold in AEON Big but they are a little pricey costing about RM300 plus for sliding door curtains.

Mydin…. another good alternative

If you cannot find the ready made curtains you want from Nagoya, you can also explore Mydin. Mydin carries a lot of selection…. the price is affordable.

Mydin kain langsir

I finally bought one that looked like below which cost me RM159.90 from Mydin Subang Jaya branch:

Mydin kain langsir

And in case if you need to look for the curtain runner rings, Mydin sells them too – 100 pieces for RM6.90:

Mydin curtain rings

Well, that was my learning experience after having to go about a week with no curtains on my sliding door.

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