Kwan Inn Teng 观音亭 Temple in Petaling Jaya Old Town

Kwan Inn Teng (Guan Yin Teng) located in PJ Old Town is quite a well known Buddhist temple.

Kwan Inn Teng PJ Old Town

The temple is clean and well maintained. It felt peaceful to visit and pay respect at the temple.

Note: The temple provides vegetarian meals on every new moon and full moon of the Chinese lunar calendar as well as Guan Yin Days (3 times a year).

Kwan Inn Teng PJ Old Town

Below is the shrine hall. In the shrine hall, there are a number of books published by PJ Kwan Inn Teng.

Kwan Inn Teng PJ Old TownOver 10 years ago, an old man who was diagnosed with lung cancer went paid a visit to Kwan Inn Teng and collected a chanting book. He shared that he learned to chant the Tai Bei Zhou (Great Compassionate Mantra). He stayed alone and chanting the Tai Bei Zhou made him feel a lot better and he felt it was a factor that helped him battle his cancer. This was something that was relayed to me personally by him.

Below are the outside area where there are Buddha and Guan Yin statues:

Kwan Inn Teng PJ Old Town

Kwan Inn Teng PJ Old Town

How to check on recent activities of Kwan Inn Temple:


Kwan Inn Teng Temple PJ Old Town
1, Lorong 4/49E, Seksyen 4,
46050 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Tel: 03-7782 5108

Note: Wish to share on their beautiful flower decoration in 2018 for Wesak Day:


Below is the Archived program in 2018:

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