Baju kurung, baju Melayu and deco for Raya at Mydin

I visited Mydin Subang Jaya branch to purchase curtains for my home (kain langsir). And I am amazed at the huge selection of items available at Mydin. Mydin already started selling a huge selection of raya clothings for men, women and children:

Mydin Raya clothings- baju kurung and Baju melayu

A lot of people are shopping at Mydin and it is expected the crowd would increase towards the fasting month of Ramadhan approaching Hari Raya.

Raya clothing for kids

Baju Melayu for kids Mydin

I find the little baju Melayu for kids to be adorable- as they have a huge selection of ready made sizes that can be worn by kids of literally all age.

There are a number of ready made clothings for ladies:

Baju kurung for ladies

Baju kurung for ladies

You can find a huge selection of ready made baju kurung for ladies within Mydin as well as at surrounding shops. In the past I know most of my Malay friends would tailor make their baju raya. However, it is good to see a huge selection of clothings for sale in case the tailor is not able to meet the order on time.

Hari Raya Deco:

Hari Raya deco

The Raya decos are already on sale.

Above are Hari Raya packets of various designs.

And I noticed they have wrapping paper with batik and songket motifs:

Wrapping paper batik and songket design

They also have a lot of plastic flowers and baskets on sale which you can use to decorate the house for Raya.

I find the overall item prices in Mydin to be reasonable. They have a lot of wholesale products. Going forward, I forsee I would be shopping more in Mydin. Furthermore, the Mydin Subang have a food court with a lot of patrons therefore I assume the food should taste okay…. which is different from food court of other hypermarkets which have very few customers.


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