Kaison: Gift items, boxes, stickers, wrapping and decorative paper

If you wish to buy gift wrap items in bulk, such as wrapping paper, gift paper bags and crepe paper, you can head on to Kaison. They have wrapping and decorative paper in bulk which you can buy:

As well as wrapping paper (I have the one for Christmas but they do sell according to season):

The above photo was taken just last year during Christmas and they only sell 1 piece of the wrapping paper for 50 sen each. They have bulk ones which they place on a higher rack.

Kaison decorative tapes

Yummy… are those above washi tapes? Whereas they do not sell planner and decorative stickers in bulk.

If you are an online seller who is looking to adding that personal touches to your packages, you can buy wrapping paper, ribbons and paper bags from Kaison as well.

Alternatively, if you are looking to get a birthday present for a friend or colleague, you can find lots of selection in Kaison. I find their price to be quite reasonable despite having such a classy looking shop. For example, they sell a lot of decorative items:

Kaison gifts teddy bears

Kaison gifts teddy bears

Above: Teddy bears- small, medium and large sizes.

Kaison decorative plants

Above: The decorative plants: lilac and lavendar which comes in my favourite colours. I have actually bought a few of such plants from another florist (before I discover Kaison) and I prefer the ones sold by Kaison.

Kaison notebooks

Ahh…notebooks. I just have a weakness for them. I love looking at notebook, diaries and journal designs.

Their wooden photo frames, even though nowadays no one uses them- but each household would usually have a few framed pictures. Kaison sells the photo frames for RM3.90 for plastic and  RM4.90 for wooden ones:

Kaison photo frame

Main thing is that their items does not look cheap and yet are priced very reasonably. I mean if I were to visit such an outlet that is clean, neat and with large selection of items occupying a huge retail space at an upscale shopping complex (like One Utama), I would expect either the items are expensive (if they are good quality) or they sacrifice the quality if the items are priced at affordable price. But in Kaison, I find their items are of relatively good quality and price reasonably.

You may view the listing of Kaison outlets in Malaysia.

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  1. Hi can i know is there a possibility that i can open a kaison branch in Miri Sarawak ?

    Thank you

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