Secret Recipe Malaysia Menu and Price

When in KLIA, almost certainly I would arrive early and have my meal at the Secret Recipe there. There is a Secret Recipe outlet near one of my previous company so from time to time we would have our meals there to destress.

While ordering at Secret Recipe, I have managed to take a photo of their food menu and price. Hope that the information may be useful to you too…

You may click on the menu to enlarge the image:

Update: Do note below is the old pricing as effective 1 June 2018, there is no more GST hence you should expect the food to cost less (by about 6%).

Secret Recipe Malaysia Menu

Secret Recipe Malaysia Menu

Secret Recipe menu for drinks:

Secret Recipe Malaysia Menu drinks

In the past I used to order their set lunch but since the past two years or so, I always tend to order the same old thing when I am eating there: prawn macaroni with cheese with a cup of hot latte. I just love it.

My favourite Secret Recipe dish: prawn macaroni with cheese

I love it so much that I even learned to make the dish myself using macaroni, with Prego carbonara sauce, button mushrooms and prawns (but of course it would not be as nice). Despite preparing myself and eating this few times in a month, when I visit Secret Recipe, I still find myself ordering this dish again.

Sometimes I also like to pack their brownies for my mom.

Another thing Secret Recipe are well known for their cakes. For office birthday and farewell celebrations we have ordered many times from Secret Recipe’s Cake Delivery section in their website, often via phone which comes with a RM30 delivery charge. But when everyone is pressed for time and no one have the time to go out to buy or there isn’t any outlet nearby, ordering via phone is the best way. Furthermore, the cake is usually shared by a number of people hence it is worth using the delivery than to rush out, stuck in traffic jam, find parking, buy and then rush back.

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