Jungle Up at One Utama- healthy and fun program for kids

One Utama is having a Jungle Up activity from 14 to 25 March 2018 which I just discovered recently when I visiting the shopping mall. Even though it was a weekday, the area is packed by parents and children having lots of fun, the healthy way:

One Utama Jungle Up

Can’t believe that they managed to set up at entire area filled with water fun. The kids were having lots of fun playing the water games- for example walking in a floating huge balloon and small boats.

But what is really impressive is the young children being suspended and walking on a tightrope. Before each child walked on the tightrope, the staff would check thoroughly the safety harness is properly installed.

One Utama Jungle Up

There is another young lady walking on the tightrope:
One Utama Jungle Up

Wow, I really admire their courage- they looked calm and walked steadily on the rope- they seemed to be checking on small cards clipped to another rope.

One Utama Jungle Up

One Utama Jungle Up

Above are the promotional posters that are being put up in the areas. It would be great to see other shopping malls having such healthy and fun programs for kids rather than toy or chocolate fairs.


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