Atria shopping complex in Damansara Jaya, PJ

Atria has came a long way as it was one of the oldest shopping complexes located in Petaling Jaya (aside from Asia Jaya, Jaya Supermarket and Thrifty).

The Atria today has undergo massive renovation and does not look like what it used it.

Below are the photos of Atria today:

Atria shopping complex Damansara Utama

Atria shopping complex Damansara Utama

Down memory lane- History of Atria as I remember:

When I was young, I remember my parents would bring us to the store called Kimisawa, which was the initial main occupants. Kimisawa sold items from Japan as well as local items. As there were not many shopping complexes then, Kimisawa was constantly packed to the max.

I remember we had even difficulty to find a seat to eat in the shopping complex. It was packed with people from all walks of life.

Eventually Kimisawa closed down and Parkson occupied the flagship store. It was still a well known haunt for adults and students from around PJ to visit Atria.

With time, as bigger shopping complexes mushroomed around Klang Valley, less and less visitors go to Atria. Most of the time, it is surrounding residents or just those who wish to visit less crowded shopping complex.

Atria today

The older Atria shopping mall used to measure half of its current length. The first half consists of a multistory car park while the second half is the complex. After the renovation, Atria now occupies the entire length with the car park being within the building. The complex is also now consists of more levels.

Even though I went there on a weekend (Saturday afternoon), the place was a little quiet and not jammed packed with people.

What I did when I got there is to buy my favourite cup of Tea Live (hot milk tea, half sugar with pearls) and ventured around with my drink:

Atria Tea Live

There are a few larger stores located in Atria: Times bookstore, Hanley’s Toys and Daiso.

Atria shopping complex Damansara Utama

But Atria also has Chi fitness, a relatively medium size gym which a few of my friends are currently members of:

There are also activities organized at the ground floor.

One thing Atria has is many place for dining. For example, the Artisan Cafe is famous for cheese cakes.

At the top floor, there is a restaurant serving Thai street food. What impresses me is the real life painting of a typical setting whereby Thai street food is being served. Something that I was previously accustomed to seeing during my visits to Thailand:

Atria shopping complex Damansara Utama

If you dislike crowded shopping complex, preferring somewhere more peaceful and quiet, you can opt for Atria.

Over the years when we visited Atria we seldom park at the shopping complex. Like many others, we would tend to circle around to look for parking at surrounding shops (since the parking is free on weekends and public holidays):

shops around Atria


Atria Shopping Gallery
Jalan SS 22/23, Damansara Jaya, 47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
03-7733 5156


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