Should you give fake flowers to a girl? Goodness, NO!

No, you should never ever give fake/plastic/dry flowers to a girl because:

  • it may potentially upset her.
  • even if it does not upset her, it would make her feel sort of weird to be receiving fake plastic flowers
  • are you trying to imply she is fake or the love is fake?
  • most girls would rather get real flowers and even though the flowers are going to fade, the sentimental ones would dry press the flowers to be used for decoration, scrapbooking or kept in their diaries.

A small monitory of girls may not mind plastic or fake flowers, but you would not know for sure so it is better not take the chance.

Still, there are a number of gift shops selling fake flowers bouquet and indeed some are very beautiful like the one sold below:

Fake plastic flowers

Even for plastic flowers sold in shop, the quality in most shops are of inferior quality and makes the whole bouquet looks cheap. The above is sold at a shop in Petaling Street which uses better quality plastic flowers.

Overpriced Real Flowers on Valentines and the alternatives….

Real flowers

On Valentine’s Day, of course the flowers are grossly overpriced. The money could have been well spent on a candelight dinner (surprisingly many restaurants do offer packages for Valentine which is can be reasonable).

Perhaps a single or a few symbolic stocks of roses wrapped in a nice ribbon with the optional a soft toy would suffice followed by a nice dinner.

If you are getting flowers, ensure you order them early to avoid out of stock.

Here are the following alternatives to consider:

  • Live plants – to be given to ladies who genuinely love to plant flowers
  • Teddy + chocolate bouquet
  • Jewelry

For DIY chocolate bouquets, you may refer to video tutorials below sourced from YouTube:

For the above, the chocolates are wrapped using decorative wrapper so it is not brand sensitive.

The above is the Ferrero Rocher bouquet.


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