Personalised instant stickers, cute label stickers printing in Sunway Pyramid

If you wish to print your own mini stickers, aside from a sticker printing shop located at AEON Big Subang Jaya, there is also another kiosk located in Sunway Pyramid.

Reason why I write this article because I realized at times, folks may need to have some personalized stickers printed but offhand do not know where to find business that provide this service.

Sticker printing kiosk at Sunway Pyramid

There is also another kiosk located in front of Popular bookstore at Ikano Power Center (IPC) shopping complex in Mutiara Damansara.

When do you want to print your own personalized stickers:

1. Just for fun to stick to a gift or something to pass to friend

2. To use to label a wedding door gift or bunga telor (Malay wedding door gift)

3. Personalized stickers for children’s birthday celebrations to be printed on party packs

4. Full moon invitation cards or stickers to be placed at the full moon packs (full moon packs are traditionally given out by Chinese families when their newborn is one month old.  It comes with roast chicken, yellow turmeric rice, red egg, ginger pickle and ang ku.  Ayamas and some bakeries provide these packages)

5. To add inexpensive personal branding to edible items like muffin or cookies that you are baking and selling. I have seen a lot of people making Raya or CNY cookies attaching a sticker on the container with their name, contact number and sometimes website. I really strongly encourage you to have a website so that your existing and potential customers can find you

6. My agent sometimes use stickers to put on birthday cards that she sends to me each year. The sticker contains her name in English, Mandarin, her title, office address, email, tel, fax and her mobile number.

7. Once, an electrician who came to my home for repair handled me a sticker when I asked for his name card. He did not print name cards but he had stickers. The sticker is actually easier because I could just stick it to my phone book.


Sometimes a kiosk that is there may not be around few months later. However, this kiosk also have online presence and mobile contact details…. should the shop relocate, the contact details may help you to find the next location.

Awesome Design
Location: Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall
PC019, LG2 (Orange Zone)
Note: The kiosk is located near Nando’s.
Name: Rebecca Lau
Whatapps: +60123211165, +60193940333
Facebook: Awesome Design Sunway Pyramid
Instagram: Awesome Design Sunway Pyramid
Email: awesomedesign @ outlook dot com


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