Affordable exercise equipment to meet your fitness goals

As it is now the beginning of the year, losing weight and getting toned/ more muscular would be in the list of many people. And if you are one of them, chances are you may start to look around for home gym exercise equipment.

In the past, I used to visit hypermarkets (like Tesco and AEON Big) to check out their exercise equipment section.

In fact, I had bought a 10kg alloy dumbell set, a stepper board, a skipping rope, a turner and medicine balls from AEON Big and Tesco.I have also gotten some light handweights from Daiso.

Previously I have bought my Nordic stability ball , some resistance bands, a foot stepper, yoga mat and handweights from Fitness Concept. My Nordic Track stability ball it has been almost 10 years and the ball is still in good shape.

Affordable exercise equipment at Mr DIY

When I visited Mr D.I.Y, I noticed they carry a variety of exercise equipment. These are priced affordably.  Previously I was checking out some kettlebells from Fitness Concept but hesitated to buy them due to the price.


The kettlebells sold at MrDIY is sold at a cheaper price. However in terms of quality, Fitness Concept generally comes with better quality.

Exercise racquets

There are also equipment for sports such badminton, tennis, squash, ping pong as well as swimwear and googles.

exercise equipment at MrDIY

Above are the kind of exercise equipment that you can find in the sports section of hypermarkets and Fitness Concept. If you are looking for some home exercise equipment, you can also check out those available at MrDIY and compare the prices.

Do you need exercise equipment to work on your fitness?

There are a variety of strength training exercises that you can do using your body weight. Examples are the plank, push ups, lunges and squats.

However if you are serious into building lean mass and strength, then having equipment like a chin up bar, barbell and dumbells would be useful.

Important: Before making the purchase, ensure that the exercise equipment is something that you would be using. 

Don’t buy the equipment just because it is the trend or because everyone in YouTube or at the gym is using it.

Buy it because you feel comfortable in using it.  For myself, I do not like chin ups and the abdomen roller hence it would be a real waste of money to buy these equipment.

On the other hand, I do exercise using resistance bands and find them to be handy to carry around. It is something I would buy and I would tend to get from Fitness Concept because the quality is important (I do not wish to have one that snaps easily else it would be ouch!).  I used to have a band tucked inside a drawer at work and another that I would take along when I travel to stretch tight and tired muscles (from hours of sitting in the airport, plane and van). Once with just a resistance band, I could get a workout done at my hotel room during a company teambuilding trip.


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