Kaison- good place to get Christmas decos and presents

I went to Kaison and am totally bawled over by the huge amount of Christmas decos available there.

Note: As of October 2018, Kaison have also started featuring Christmas decorative items in this updated post. There are equally lots of varieties to choose from. 

They sell everything from Christmas ornaments, Christmas trees (plastic ones) of all sizes (small and taller ones) and Christmas cards and wrappers.

Kaison Christmas Deco
The Christmas ornaments occupies few rows of aisle and are available at reasonable price.

Kaison Christmas Deco

It is different from Daiso whereby for Daiso, the items are all fixed at RM5.90. Kaison carries Christmas ornaments of various prices from low to medium price.

Kaison Christmas Deco

Above and below: The cute little plastic Christmas trees cost about RM5.90 each, same price as Daiso.

Kaison Christmas Deco

Also, they sell a lot of memorabilia items that you can use easily as Christmas gifts. For example teddy bears below, notebooks or cups:

Kaison Teddy bears

They have gift boxes and wrappers. Various Christmas wrapper designs which you can buy in a single piece for only 50 sen each or you can also buy in bulk.

50 sen for a piece of wrapping paper (like shown below) is the cheapest price I have ever seen anywhere for a long long time.

It is a good idea especially for individuals or company events who are giving out a lot of Christmas gifts and need to buy the wrappers in bulk.

Kaison Christmas Deco

I have listed the Kaison outlets in Malaysia here. Kaison is soon becoming one of my favourite places to visit (aside from Daiso and MrDIY).


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  1. Hi, we are a church n are looking for christmas lights/netting lights in wholesale. Also decos. Would you knw of any shops in JB? Pereferbly in jb town area thank u.

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