Chinese New Year deco sold at Mr DIY

Mr DIY has started selling decos for Chinese New Year quite early.

When I went to Mr DIY about a week ago, I was pleasantly surprised to find the Chinese New Year CNY deco being sold at their stores:

CNY deco at MrDIY There are various decorations, some generic (eg Fortune Gold blocks or God of Fortune) and some specific for the Dog year (2018 is the year of the Dog):

CNY deco at MrDIY

CNY deco at MrDIY

The wall decos with the doggie pictures are real cute. There are various cute designs, mostly featuring puppies or very cute doggies.

When buying CNY deco, you may want to plan and decide if you plan to dispose the deco or recycle it for future years, or a mixture of both. Of course if you wish to recycle and use for next year, then you can only go with the generic designs that does not come with specific animal year.

I find the prices are very reasonable. In fact, I have helped my office in the past years to buy CNY deco and the prices here seemed cheaper (than what I paid for previously) with many designs to choose from.

CNY laterns at MrDIY

CNY laterns are also sold. The price ranges from RM30+ to RM50+ per pair. It depends on the size and the complexity of the design.

Update: 27 Dec 17- Their flowers and more decos have arrived. 

Check out the cute doggie ang pau packets…. some may even buy to keep as they are so cute. They also have generic ang pau designs (without being zodiac specific):

Mr DIY cute ang pau packets

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