Where to Buy Party Supplies like ballons, candles, plates & children party packs

When my friends need to plan for parties or farewells, they would ask me where to find places that sells party products like ballons, special cute plates, hats and other parties items.

Mr DIY is one of my favourite stores to visit because they contained so much of items. It is known that items sold in Mr DIY comes in reasonable prices.

Mr DIY ballons

Above are various ballon types sold at Mr DIY. You can see they consists of a lot of colours and themes. However, I am unsure of how the quality of the ballons.

Mr DIY wall deco
They also sell party packs that you can use to pack your goodie bags for visitors or that year end gift.
Mr DIY party items

They have nice wall decos that you use to decorate your place for parties as well as party hats.

Party hats, angel wings

There are nice eye decorative masks, small angel wings that are also sold there.

Mr DIY party plates

For fancier party paper plates, I also seen them being on sale at Mr DIY. A small stack of colourful paper plates cost about RM2.60. Colourful paper plates would definitely light up a children’s party (but may not be necessary for adults).

If you are throwing a party for your kids and providing little cute party packs for children that comes to the party, you may also look around for toys for little prince and princesses in Mr DIY. I remember when we were very young, my brother went to a birthday party and received a cute party packs containing stickers. The stickers were unique and I still kept them until today. Mr DIY does sell stickers are reasonable prices.

Stickers at MrDIY


Alternatively you can buy some snacks from snack supply stores like below and then arrange them in goodie bags:

Sweet supplier

Below are some YouTube videos on how to make party packs:

Happy partying 🙂



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