Christmas Decorations sold at Daiso

Daiso features Christmas decorations, with some similar that previous years as well as some new additions (they would always new items for each festive decorations that they are selling).

This year, Daiso has recycle gift bags for one to place Christmas gifts. Some of their designs are quite cute as they also have recycle bags that fit wine bottles nicely. Each costs only RM5.90. One thing though…. the recycled bags are nice to carry around during Christmas season but would look a little strange at other times of the year.

Christmas decoration sold at Daiso- Christmas recycle bags

Another thing that I did not notice in previous years before was melody greeting cars where the cards were supposed to come with music:

Christmas decoration sold at Daiso- music greeting cards

The usual Christmas trinkets used to decorate Christmas trees are also available at Daiso:

Christmas decoration sold at Daiso


Christmas decoration sold at Daiso


Christmas decoration sold at Daiso

There are also the Santa and Rudolph the Reindeer hats to be worn.

Christmas decoration sold at Daiso

They have small little blank plastic trees so that you can decorate free style on your own. On top are the lightweight coloured ones and below are those wired ones where you can bend to make into a Christmas tree and pack away after Christmas. You can decorate it with Christmas trinkets that you buy from Daiso as well as from previous years.

I remembered years ago I actually bought the wired one but it was not yet properly shaped from Petaling Street. How my hand hurt from using the pliers to cut the wires and shape into the tree. The option below is way simpler.

Christmas decoration sold at Daiso

I even managed to find a video in YouTube teaching us how to decorate the Christmas tree brought from Daiso. The Christmas tree end product is very nice:

And if you look at the santa clothing and hat, it is actually made for a small sized doggie ūüôā . Now you can dress your doggie in a Christmas outfit. Usually such outfits would cause more than RM10 but in Daiso, they all sold for the same price, ie RM5.90.

Christmas decoration sold at Daiso- doggie clothing


The listing of Daiso outlets and telephone numbers are available here.

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