Wholesale Snack Supplier II in Petaling Jaya

Aside from an earlier snack supplier that I have featured on, there is another long time snack supplier located in PJ Old Town called Lam Loong.

Once many years ago, I wanted to make mini goodie bags to give to the cancer ward in a hospital. I actually went to this snack supplier to buy an assortment of items from sweets, chocolates, snacks, paper and small notepad and then pack them into small decorative plastic bags and distributed in the hospital.

It is more to cheer up the family members who are there to visit the patients in the hospital at the second and third class cancer ward.

My previous company also enjoyed packing goodie bags and distribute during the major festival of Hari Raya, Chinese New Year, Deepavali and Christmas. There was limited budget so we also got our supplies sometimes from this snack supplier.

sour plum and mui far koh snack supplier PJ

Above: I love the sour plums so I usually buy the supply in this shop. They also sells all types of preserved fruits like preserved mango, apricots, pineapple, etc.


snack food supplier pj kacang putih

Above: Kacang putih (peanuts and other items) sold wholesale. I suspect some of the kacang putih sellers got their supplies from this shop. However, unless you are buying for a lot of people, then you can buy from wholesale shops. If there is only a few people eating, I would rather pay more and buy in smaller quantities from the kacang putih man  to avoid wastage (because the kacang putih snacks cannot be kept for too long).

Above: Junk food and sweets sold in large packs usually bought by companies or by retailers.

ubi keledek goreng at PJ

Above: The tapioca chips (ubi keledek goreng) which is quite well received. I used to buy this for my office colleagues who loved it and it gets finished very fast.

My mom also loved the almond biscuits from Macau hence I would also buy from this shop as they sell the better quality ones (there are a few brands available and if you buy the cheaper brand, it really taste horrible).


Kedai Lam Loong Sdn Bhd
K-19 Jalan 1/21
46000 Petaling Jaya
Tel: 03-77836272
Mobile: 012-3629438/ 016-6560030
Email: kedailamloong @ gmail dot com
Description: Wholesaler for tidbits, prunes, nuts, biscuits, party pack, toys, packaging, hampers, etc.

They are closed on Sundays. Open from Monday to Saturday.

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