What to do with your mooncake boxes/containers

In Malaysia, you would often be presented with beautiful boxes when you buy mooncakes from established companies. Some of these boxes are made from steel or in a very beautiful packaged box.

Some of the boxes are so beautiful that it is such a waste to throw away. These containers, unless those made from cardboard or durable paper does not have any recycle value.

What to do with these beautiful mooncake boxes?

1.You could keep them for the next year when you decide to make mooncakes:

Example below, my best friend made some delicious mooncakes for me and stored them inside a beautiful mooncake box. Using a beautiful box, it immediately bring up the standard of the mooncake.

And the mooncakes taste as delicious as they look 🙂

2. Storage boxes for various items

In the olden days, ladies would store their jewelry, money and momentos in these steel boxes.

Of course, they also use old steel biscuit tins to achieve the same.

I stored my craft items in these mooncake boxes. You can tell the boxes had rusted a little as these items have been with me for a long time:

Above: Storing my ribbon roses hair claws which remain in good condition.

Above: My older craft creations also stored in another steel mooncake box.

Above: Magnets that I bought to make fridge magnets stored in a small mooncake box. I could not find any glue strong enough to have the magnets stick to my items so I cut out a cross stitch cloth, wrapped the magnet around and stitched it up. Then I stitched my craft on top of the cross stitch cloth.

It feels different storing them in a plain cheap plastic container and in a nice steel box.

One disadvantage though, that the boxes are not see through but issue can be solved by sticking a simple label on top of them.

If you wish to have the items neatly organized, you can use the plastic holders from the biscuits that you buy to line the containers so that the items would not move around when you move the boxes.

How to store these mooncake boxes:


I buy clear storage bins or containers to store items in my store room. With storage bins, the items can be organized and will not be dusty or become breeding ground for creepy crawlies (lizards, cockroaches or rats). For storage I invest in clear bins that are usually more expensive but allows me to be able to see through the items.

However, if the box is made of cardboard or paper and has been stained, I would suggest that you send the mooncake box for recycling.

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