Diary, planners and table calendars for 2018 already sold in Daiso

Since the past few years, I have been giving some of my colleagues diaries and table calendar as Christmas gifts.

Most people tend to give gifts like chocolates or mugs whereas I would want to get my colleagues something that is useful that they can put on their work desk the whole year through.

As the price of diaries had gone up, and the fact that not many of my friends use them (diary is quite personal, basically the design need to appeal to the person in order for the person to use them)….I have been getting table calendars instead.

It became something useful and appreciated because the companies I work in do not supply table calendars to the staff.

Actually I did highlight to my company’s management for them to consider because a calendar is needed as many players in our industry do print table calendars and made it available at least for their staff. I often see in desperation, some staff actually had to put table calendars from competitors on their desk.

Most of the table calendar sold in shops have a very mass made feel and not special. It also does not have much space for a person to write important reminders on a certain date. I noticed my colleagues preferred to jot down dates of important launches, meetings, training, birthdays on their calendar. Hence, I always ended up buying the speciality calendar (with the positive quotes) for about RM16 for one.

Imagine my pleasant surprise when I spotted a number of different calendars, planners and diaries of few different sizes sold at Daiso….

Table calendar, diaries and planner sold at Daiso

I definitely do not recall seeing such items sold by Daiso in the years before.

The table calendars are actually quite thin and contain simple designs…. but nonetheless if you look at the photo above, some of the calendars give enough writing space for you to jot down important appointments and dates so that you would not forget. Anyway, how often to you see people enjoying the pictures of flowers or scenery behind the calendar…. often they pick up the calendar for a quick reference, or to make appointments. So the thinner version would be fine with most people.

The above are the larger version…. not as large as those sold in Popular bookstore but it is large enough for you to plan your items. I like that the design is simple and they put a little dash of colors on the days…Mon- Sun. Also there is one in brown colour, much like those recycle paper type.

And because they are simple and uncluttered, the creative ones may want to start decorating with their own stickers and washi tapes. If you want to buy stickers and washi tapes, try Mr DIY and Kaison as there are a huge selection of such items.

I definitely will head on to Daiso again towards year end to check out on these table calendars and their planners, many that come in the size which I can easily fit into my carry on bag.


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2 thoughts on “Diary, planners and table calendars for 2018 already sold in Daiso”

  1. Hi Alicia,
    Actually I visit various Daiso outlets. If I happen to be at a shopping complex and I know there is a Daiso there, for sure I would go in and pay a visit. Most of the items featured are standard- for example their diaries, they would sell at every outlets but only during end/ beginning of the year.

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