Creative Deepavali Rangolis & Making Your Own Diwali Gift Hampers

Deepavali is coming soon and would like to wish all celebrants Happy Deepavali and happy preparation.

Many shopping centers, offices and buildings now have come out with their own Deepavali decoration.

Deepavali rangoli

Major shopping complexes would have big scale decorations for each festival. However for smaller establishments and buildings, often the decorations have gone simpler.

Years ago, we would make rangoli using real dyed rice. Some of my colleagues actually went and dye the rice herself and then came and did the rangoli or kolam near our entrance. Later, we just bought the coloured rice (either from Indian stores in the market), drew a pattern, painsakingly painted and carefully placed the coloured rice on a drawn pattern.

However nowadays the decos are much more -ready made and straightforward. Rangoli and kolams came in ready made form. Which is good in away to avoid the elements of the wind or someone accidentally stepping (or some real mischievous fellas sabotaging) from ruining the beautiful shape.

The rangoli below used to decorate a hypermarket was made by two of their staff:

Deepavali rangoli

Deepavali hampers

For gift giving, you may consider buying a Deepavali gift hamper or making one yourself  🙂

Benefits of making your own hamper:

  • you can save a lot of money
  • you can include the items that is customised to the receiver
  • you can use it as an opportunity to practice and maybe start a side business making gift hampers

Below is a tutorial on Christmas hampers, which is useful- you just need to replace the items with Deepavali themed items:

You can obtain the baskets easily from any craft supplier shops or inexpensive decorative plastic ones from MrDIY shops- I find the plastic baskets beautiful and would enable the receiver to use it for other purposes such as storing fruits and foodstuff.

Happy Deepavali to all celebrants and may the festival brings you join, reunion with beloved families and happiness.

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