Where to buy mooncake laterns in KL/Malaysia

Mooncake festival is coming very soon and many would be looking for shop for mooncake laterns for their home, office or kids.

If you wish to just find a place with convenient parking and grab your laterns, then you may visit hypermarkets or shopping complexes that by now would be busy selling mooncakes and mooncake laterns.

However if you could afford the time and is taking public transport, Petaling Street or KL Chinatown would be the best place to buy your mooncake festival laterns. There are many shops in Petaling Street that sells laterns. Some even are making their own traditional laterns for sale.

From the inexpensive paper laterns, to traditional laterns (with the animal zodiac) to battery operated laterns, you can find a huge variety of laterns available.

Above: Variant of cute laterns with furry borders sold by Nam Thong

Above: Battery operated laterns…this year there is the cute moving minions latern sold by Happy Planet.

However, if you are going to Petaling Street/ Chinatown, in order to get the maximum choices, avoid going on Sundays or public holidays some of the shops are closed. Saturday would be a good choice (if you cannot make it during office hours of weekdays) as most shops are opened till about 5pm to 6pm.

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