Shop selling wooden mooncake and ang ku moulds in Petaling Street

Finally I have managed to find a shop that is selling wooden moulds that are used for making mooncakes, angku and other local delicacies (kuih).

The shop is located in Petaling Street area:

Note: If it is not convenient for you to visit Petaling Street in KL,  I have also seen these moulds being sold by HOI (House of Ingredients) and BenMart in Kepong. Surprisingly there are a lot of choices available.

The mooncake moulds being sold are also reasonably priced (RM49.90 if not mistaken):

The shop also sell the steel that is used to make kuih ros.

Note: For ingredients to make mooncake, you can get from Chai Huat Hin (known locally as Choy Fatt Hin) which is located next door to this shop. Everything you need to make mooncake can be brought from the same street 🙂

However, as mentioned in my previous article, wooden mooncake moulds are getting extinct because this used to be the trade of the older generation. Therefore do give the shop a call first before making the trip to town to ensure there is stock available before you buy:

Kwong Yik Seng Crockery Sdn Bhd
Gifts & Antique Features, Porcelein & Kitchen Ware
No 144, Jalan Tun H.S Lee (Jalan Bandar)
50000 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-20783620
Fax: 03-20700420

Open from Monday – Saturday (office hours). Close on Sundays/public holidays.

Below is their name card, which is interesting but unfortunately they do not have a website that I could link to:

Click on the images below if you wish to enlarge it

Check out the back of the card which provides the time of different dynasty in China..



Above: The wooden moulds are sold by HOI (House of Ingredients) a few years back.

In case you are not from Malaysia and is curious. Please refer to the diagram above.

For mooncake mould, it is used to make finished products (Mooncakes) like below:

For ang ku moulds, it is used to make finished dessert as per below’:

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