Paper Laterns sold at MrDIY

There are some simple paper laterns that can be used as decorative pieces for homes and business:

paper laterns sold at Mr DIY hardware shop

I was surprised to find such laterns being sold in MrDIY hardware shop for only RM1.90. The laterns comes with all type of colours however on display, I only found a few colours available:

paper round laterns sold at MrDIY

Upon checking with the counter, I was informed that the laterns are not being sold due to mooncake festival. However they are available all year round.

Since such laterns are inexpensive, they can be replaced if they get dirty or dusty. And if the laterns in red, pink, yellow and orange can also be re-used for Chinese New Year as these are the theme colours for Chinese New Year.

MrDIY outlets can be found in Malaysia, Thailand and Brunei. Here is their website with the location tracker.

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