Jelly mooncakes sold in night market in PJ & KL

People sometimes choose jelly mooncakes over traditional mooncakes because:

  • the price is cheaper due to the cost price of jelly mooncakes are lower
  • health conscious as jelly mooncakes has lower calories
  • simply love the taste of jelly mooncakes

There is a lady called May who has been selling jelly mooncakes in the pasar malam in Petaling Jaya and Kuala Lumpur for a number of years. I believe she must be doing quite well because when the mooncake festival is coming near, most of the flavours of her jelly mooncake would be completely sold out.

She also create new flavours from time to time.

Jelly mooncakes are not like the usual mooncakes. Usually it is not removed from the moulds until a customer confirms they are buying it. This is to prevent the jelly from going out of shape or gets damaged (due to itchy hands). So the lady would invest in visual props to give a clear visual of her jelly mooncakes.

She guarantees that her jelly mooncakes are delicious and make good gifts. I also think it is true, else if not she would not be selling so much of the jelly mooncakes each time.

She also provided locations of the night market (pasar malam) which you can find her stall:

Monday: SS2
Tuesday: Sri Petaling
Wednesday: Kuchai Lama
Thursday: Chao Yang (near SS2)
Friday: Puchong
Saturday: Happy Garden
Sunday: Taman Megah

As the Mooncake Festival approaches, there would be a number of people buying the mooncakes last minute. I am amazed as she invests in printing colourful name cards and set up a Facebook page to promote and accept orders for her jelly mooncakes.

If you wish to try and are able to collect from the pasar malam/night market above, the details to contact her is as per below:


Name: May
Tel: 019-3232291/ 03-61510291



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