Where to get fresh wholesale eggs & plastic supplier in Petaling Jaya

If you require a large amount of fresh eggs, then it makes sense to buy from a wholesale supplier rather than from normal retail outlets.

Those who need to use eggs a lot are those who are in the business of cake baking and selling mixed rice dishes.

Update: I have been informed by a number of people that they usually get their eggs, vegetables and meat from NSK which sells these items at a very cheap price. When we have CNY dinner, my auntie cooked a huge selection of food and she told me she got the vegetables, fish, prawns and meat from NSK.

There is an egg wholesaler shop supplier that sells chicken eggs, bird eggs, salty eggs (duck eggs) as well as plastic supplies. The plastic supplies include plastic bags of various sizes, plastic for packing food/drinks, straws, plastic utensils  that are sold in wholesale amount as well as serviettes.

Details of the shop:

Perniagaan Mah Sing Sdn Bhd

90, Jalan Othman, 46000 Petaling Jaya

Tel: 03- 77726714

Location: Opposite the Jalan Othman or otherwise known as Old Town market.

Operating hours: Monday to Friday- 4am to 4pm, Saturday & Sundays- 4am to 2pm.


Note: The day I went, fresh eggs were delivered to the store.

The eggs sold at this store are quite fresh. Usually I would buy 1 tray of 30 eggs of either AA or A size which costs a total of between RM9 to less than RM10.

Above: Hundreds of fresh eggs being arranged. At the back you can see plastic products being sold.

After buying such fresh eggs, I stopped buying from hypermarkets. No doubt, the egg price from hypermarkets can be cheaper but I find the eggs taste a bit funny. It makes a lot of difference to the taste of the cooking when you cook with fresh eggs.

When the shop started to open a few years ago, I wondered how it could survive by selling mainly eggs and plastic product by renting one shoplot. But survive it did and business is thriving.

It shows that if as a business you offer value (like freshness) which is reasonably priced, there would be new and repeat customers.


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2 thoughts on “Where to get fresh wholesale eggs & plastic supplier in Petaling Jaya”

  1. Hi, I need wholesale eggs on regular basis for my restaurant.

    So, can you supply and deliver? My weekly requirement is of at least 40-45 crates of 30 eggs each.

    waiting for your feedback.

    thanks and best regards,

  2. Hi Intekhab Aziz,

    Thanks for visiting my site. For further information, you would need to contact the shop at the number above to make the arrangements. I noticed as a wholesaler they actually source from supplier that delivers to them few times a week.

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