Where to find Asam Laksa, Siam Laksa and Curry Mee that is Halal in PJ

This stall came under recommendation from someone who is a real foodie expert. It is located in the food court in Section 14, Petaling Jaya, Selangor (next to Digital Mall, Petaling Jaya).

The stall sells asam laksa, laksa Siam (Thai laksa) and curry mee. But it is most famous for its Siam Laksa.

Below is the picture of the stall located in the food court:

Siam laksa that is halal

Business hours:
Monday to Friday: 10am to 8.30pm
Saturday: 10am to 4.30pm (closed on Sundays)

It has a simple printout related to its Siam laksa as well as newspaper clippings on media release about the stall:

siam laksa that is delicious

The main thing is because the food sold is halal. This is indicated by the halal certification below:

Halal certification on Siam Laksa stall

The stall owner takes pride in preparing the dish. He would prepare each bowl or packet separately. Even though you order one bowl or ten, he will do it one by one. Due to difficulty in obtaining parking, some of his customers tend to call him to pre-order a number of take away packets (because they know his style whereby he would take his time to prepare pack by pack….food often tastes nicer when prepared individually).

You can see the inside of the stall is very clean. He wipes any spills immediately.

When I went there, I bought 6 packets of Siam laksa. If you are staying far away from this place, you may buy a few more packets and then put some in the fridge (please wait for it to cool down first ya) or freeze them (if you are not eating within the few days). He really took his time to prepare one by one….so while he was preparing I snuck off to buy other food items:

If you want to go, go before 11.30am as you would need to wait longer once the lunch crowd kicks in.

His mobile number is 012-3943928 (which usually his customers keep for bulk orders).

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