Where to renew your Malaysia passport and change your NRIC at the same time

If you wish to change your existing MyKad to the new version, and at the same time wish to renew your passport, please head on to Kompleks KDN (Kementerian Dalam Negeri) at Jalan Duta (Kuala Lumpur) if you are staying in Klang Valley. Because both the Jabatan Imigresen (Immigration Department) and Jabatan Pendaftaran (Registration Department) are located in the same building.

The complex also have offices that manages foreign labor and marriage registration so the place is quite abuzz with people.

I went during an ordinary working day and only took 1/2 day leave (morning session).

There, the passport office is located at level 1 while the NRIC office is located at the ground floor.

What you need to bring along:


  • RM10 (to change to new version) and your original MyKad. However if you are already holding the new version and wishes to change address on the card, then the fee is RM40.

For passport:

  • bring your original passport <<important if you have any passport issued before, even if it had expired 10 years ago, you need to bring along when renewing your passport. Otherwise it is considered that you have lost your passport and the requirements are different.
  • RM200 (senior citizen only pay RM100)

No need to photocopy any documents or bring along any photos. No need to fill up any forms (but if you are reporting a lost, then you would need additional documentation which is not covered in this post). Photos are taken on the spot by the officer.

Very efficient ?

You may want to make sure you look your best since the photos taken would stay in your NRIC (for long time) and passport for 5 years ūüėČ

Getting to Kompleks KDN (Kementerian Dalam Negeri)

My best advise to you…..please take Uber/Grab/taxi or have someone drop you there. It is very hard to get parking unless you go very early before the office opens (that also no guarantee). At least the driver would drop you right in front of the entrance.

However if you really must drive and don’t mind to take a long scroll, you can park at Publika shopping complex and then walk over to the Kompleks. Quite a distance and you need to walk uphill or climb stairs so heels or uncomfortable shoes are strongly discouraged. We used Waze to locate find the building as we were not familiar with the office. Then we could not find any parking….the place was packed with cars….and we don’t wish to get any summons for illegal parking at the roadside.


Kompleks Kementerian Dalam Negeri,

No. 69, Jalan Sri Hartamas 1,

Jalan Duta,

50480 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


By the time we reached the complex, it was a little past 9am.

Renewing passport and changing the NRIC

  1. First, go and renew your passport first. Take the escalator to the 1st floor and to the Immigration office.

2. Proceed to the counter take a queue number. The staff would need to sight your passport and MyKad.

3. You may need to wait for about 20 minutes to have your queue number called on weekdays.

Note: The passport office is opened on Saturday but I strongly discourage you to go on Saturday (especially nearing school holidays or holiday seasons) because you would probably end up waiting for the whole day.

4. The officer at the counter would then require you to insert your MyKad for thumb biometric verification and then have your photo taken. They also have coats hanging nearby which you could use if you wish to look for formal. The photo is taken on the counter itself.

The officer would confirm your details such as address and contact details. They would need to retain your NRIC (that is why you need to do the passport first).

5. After that, you need to wait again for your queue to be called for payment. Maybe another 20 to 3o minutes. Once your number is called, make the payment for the passport. The officer would return your original NRIC and a receipt. We were asked to come back on an hour to collect your passport.

Proceed to change NRIC to the new version

6. Since there is time, we decided to change our NRIC at the same time. So we went down to the Jabatan Pendaftaran to change our NRIC. We went to the counter to take our number.

7. Very quickly, our number were called…in fact, I don’t think we managed to even sit down. The officer at the counter asked a few questions (confirm address, and contact details, etc). And then have our photo taken. We paid RM10 at the counter. Our original NRIC are surrendered to the officer. A document which is like a temporary NRIC is issued to us (because not everyone collect their NRIC on the same day so they need a temporary NRIC after surrendering it for processing).

Do note that it would be the last time you see your NRIC again because the original one would not be returned back to you (to avoid duplicates).

8. We were asked to wait for 2 hours to get our NRIC (to collect about 12.30pm).

9. We then went up and used the temporary NRIC together with the passport payment receipt to collect our passports (that time our queue still have not arrived yet).

Note: During that time was around lunch time already. There are people just coming to take the queue number to make their passports.

10. After collecting our passports, there was some extra time as there is at least an hour before we could collect the NRIC. Do note that your first passport (the expired or expiring one) is also returned to you with the edges being cut to indicate it is no longer valid.

Note: In the complex, I think there is Gloria Jeans coffee (or was it Secret Recipe?), a small shop (selling bread, drinks, newspapers and some basic stuff) and a mamak restaurant. There are vending machines that you can get can drinks for RM1 or canned coffee for RM2.

11. After collecting our NRIC, we headed back. The process of renewing both our NRIC and passport were completed by 12.40pm.

Both the processes were completed quickly and efficiently compared to last time.

The building is also wheelchair friendly and both offices give priority/special lanes for senior citizens.




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