Texas Chicken Malaysia Menu & Price

Menu last update on August 2018

My friend introduced me to Texas Chicken which he says he prefers compared to KFC.

He also favors Texas Chicken because of the bottomless beverage that you are allowed the fill if you dine in:

Menu last update on August 2018:

Actually Texas Chicken has quite a number of options. When I went there, there was a long queue as it was lunch time (compared to 2017, their outlet have been more busy this year). It took me quite sometime to decide on what to order as there are so many choices available! Hopefully with the menu and pricing it can guide you to decide first so that you can decide on exactly what you want to order.

Please click on the individual pictures to enlarge:

Texas Chicken Menu

Texas Chicken’s set lunch and ala carte options and price. They have the fried chicken, chicken tenders, nuggets, burgers and wraps that can be matched with fries and drinks. They also offer side dishes.

Below are the set lunch (Mega Crunch box):Texas Chicken Menuand value meal (value meal is at RM5.50):

Texas chicken value meal

Both the lunch and value meal are indicated as limited time offering only.

Below are their new Garlic Habanero set which is also available for a limited time only:

Texas Chicken Menu

I have eaten there a few times and I do like their food and also service.

Else, you can also view the same content above but taken from the screen (which we always look up to refer to when queuing up for order). The display is more visual:

Texas Chicken Menu

Texas Chicken Menu

Texas Chicken Menu

Archive: The older menu taken on Jul 17 with GST:

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5 thoughts on “Texas Chicken Malaysia Menu & Price”

  1. Hi Yin,

    Can i confirm with you if the prices shown on the menu (in your pictures taken on July 2017) is inclusive of GST?

    There is something fishy going on with the prices at their shops after the GST has been zero rated, and i am trying to find evidence to support this.


    JX Lee

  2. Hi JX Lee,
    The price quoted in my pictures I believe were inclusive of GST. However, as the photos were taken in July 2017, I cannot confirm if there were any increase in price before the decision came on removal of GST. It is now June, I noticed a number of eateries like McDonalds, KFC and Kenny Rogers have not managed to revise their display menu. But my experience with McDonalds and Kenny Rogers indicated that they have revised the pricing in their system. I am sure all the other eateries with printed prices have done so in order to comply with the new regulation.

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