Shops selling mixed rice- at least 30 to 50 different dishes to choose from

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Over these recent years, mixed rice restaurants have mushroomed all over Klang Valley and possibly other states. These shops sell only mixed rice but the choices of dishes are amazing.

For tourists visiting Malaysia, please do not forget to visit such stalls for an affordable meal of Chinese food.

Above- just a simple set up with unlimited round trays full of dishes.

One is spoilt for choice as there are many dishes to choose from. I first noticed that such shops must be good because I see a number of seniors folks and families eating there.

Many people do not have time to cook and seniors also tell me that sometimes it is too hassle to cook for 1 or 2 people because they have to buy food, cook and then clean up. They rather just pack economy rice from shops like this – sometimes they would have their lunch and then pack their dinner. I like to follow the senior folks lead because they are always wise when it comes to getting good quality food at affordable price.

Even for myself too, I tend to pack dishes from such stalls as their prices are quite reasonable. Sometimes I pack enough for lunch and dinner for few persons.

For those who eat there, unlimited free Chinese tea and water is available. At certain outlets, they also serve sweet herbal tea. If you are like me who like to enjoy a cup of favourite drink, you may pack the drink from outside and have it with your economy rice.


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