Curry rice with fried chicken and 3 layer tea

One of the things that we Malaysians find it hard to resist is the curry rice with fried chicken and papadam. Sometimes, the rice would be the oily rice such as nasi kandar or nasi briyani.  But usually, I would opt for the plain white rice.

Some people are hopelessly addicted to this curry rice- it is really filling and if eaten for few days, one would immediately feel the expanding waistline 🙂

The drink you see is the 3 layered tea- getting very popular and served in more and more restaurants. The 3 layer tea is made with the same type of sugar used to make cendol.

With the fried chicken, sambal and papadam, it’s delicious- but if you have it for lunch, you would be sleepy afterward.

Above: Close up of the rice.

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