Transparent sealed jars to store loose change or coins

In the art of organising, everything should have its place in your home or else you may risk turning your home into a clutter zone.

Clutter and mess stifle and block creativity from flowing.

Coins and loose change seems to be all over the house. And there does not seems to be anywhere to conveniently put all these loose coins and change in one place.

It was my earlier dilemma too…until I figured out a method- by using transparent sealed jars ….it can be a nice glass jar that you go over with a ribbon or decoration to increase its appeal.
Or a decorative transparent jar…the jars below are sold in Living Cabin for RM9.90:


These jars can be placed in strategic places like living hall or next to key holders where there may be loose change as you empty your pockets.

When I go about cleaning my home, I would bring along the coin jars with me as I am surely to find 10, 20 or 50 cents lying around or hidden inside drawers.

I do not use coin box as I would use these loose change for parking and to for marketing. In a coin box it gets hard to remove the coins.

Why not save up the coins?
Because I would prefer to save up the notes than coins 🙂

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