Lirik Jawapan Kasih (Answer of Love) by Amy Mastura

Amy Mastura has a very cheeky glow in her eyes and when you watch her sing, you can’t help but to feel cheerful. The following song, Jawapan Kasih was one of her hit songs (yes, many years back) and I am translating the lyrics of this upbeat song in English. You can watch the video while checking out the lyrics ūüôā

Lyrics of Jawapan Kasih (Answer of Love) by Amy Mastura

Begini lama kita berkasih dan sayang
So long we have loved and cared
Cinta pun kian bersemi
Love also gradually growing
Senyum pertamamu mencurigai rasa
Your initial smile brought suspicion
Menggamit hatiku
My heart was drawn
 near you

Bukanlah lagi hanyalah impian
Not a dream anymore
Kasih cinta kita berdua
The love story between the both of us
Saat ini telah pun ternyata sayang
This second already proven love
Rasa cinta dariku untukmu kasih
Feelings of love from me to you, my love
Telah pun sama saling memahami ho!
Already mutually understand
So lovely

Hadirku kini
My presence now
Hanya untukmu
Only for you
Semoga dapat di pastikan
Hopefully can be assured
Ada yang indah
There is something beautiful
Sedang menanti
that is waiting
My sweet

Tak mungkin ku mungkiri
No way I would break
Apa dijanji
whatever promised
Walau ada rintangannya
even if there are challenges

Kini terjawab sudah
Now is already answered
all of it
Kau dan aku
You and me
Pun tahu
Also know

Sambutlah sayang
Come welcome my love
Salam cintaku ini
This love greeting
Untuk mu sayang
For you,  my love
Demi kasihku ini
For the sake of my love
Kasih dan sayang
love and care
Terus bersemi
keep growing

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