Lirik Aku Tak Marah by Arrow (I am not angry)

This song “Aku Tak Marah” sang by the rock group Arrow, the first time I heard it, I was thinking…what the???

But actually when you listen a few times, I don’t think-shall I say it is cheeky? It is about a man who fancies a woman. Well, he sort of think that she also fancied him but he did not want to be the first to express his feelings….so he sang this song to ask the girl to do it first. He wanted her to express herself and he maintains that he would not be angry, and that how would he know her feelings if she does not want to tell?

Quite funny, so I thought of translating the lyrics of this song in English with the embedded YouTube video:

 Lirik Aku Tak Marah/ Lyrics “I am Not Angry”

Kalau cinta katakanlah
If love, please say it
Tidak aku terus gelisah
No I won’t be immediately anxious
Kalau diam mana ku tahu
If quiet how would I know
Aku takut ku kan berlalu pergi darimu
I am afraid I would then walk away from you

Kalau benci lepaskanlah
If hate, please release it
Tidak aku tidak marah
No I won’t be angry
Kalau diam siapa yang tahu
If quiet who is going to know
Kalau begitu tak mungkin aku terus menunggu
If like this then there is no possibility for me to continue waiting

Tiada guna diam saja
No use just remain silent
Berterus teranglah segala
Please be honest about everything
Kini masa dah tiba
Now the time has come
Cinta tak perlu pura-pura
Love need not be in pretense

Kalau cinta katakanlah
If love, please say it
ku tak mau terus gelisah
I do not want to remain anxious
Kalau diam tak ku tahu
If silent I would not know
Mungkin aku pergi berlalu
Maybe I would go away
Lepaskanlah kalau kau benci
Release it if you hate
Tidak sekali ku marah pada mu
Not at once would I get angry with you
Ku tak marah
I am not angry

Lepaskanlah ku tak marah
Release it I am not angry
Lepaskanlah ku tak kisah
Release it I don’t mind

Cinta tak perlu berpura-pura
Love need not be in pretense
Kau pun tahu
You also know
Tak perlu pura-pura
No need to pretend

Aku tak mahu berpura-pura
I do not want to be pretending
Engkau pun tahu aku tak marah
You also know I would not be angry

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