Jerat Percintaan (The Trap of Love) by Siti Nurhaliza

The song, Jerat Percintaan  was Siti Nurhaliza’s first hit song in around 1996. When she sang the song she was only a teenager and that song went on to become the top song of the year.

Lyrics of Jerat Percintaan (The Trap of Love) translated in English:

Dalam pertemuan ini
In this meeting
Kita terperangkap sudah
We are already caught
Dalam jerat percintaan
In the trap of love
Yang tidak disangkakan
That was not expected

Aku telah jadi lupa siapa diriku ini
I have forgotten who I am
Engkau juga dihanyutkan
You are also being swept away
Oleh arus percintaan
By the wave of love

Tapi pabila aku sedar diri siapakah aku ini
But when I became aware who I am
Aku tertanya sendiri apakah akan terjadi
I asked myself what would happen

Oh apakah kita kan teruskan
Oh would we  continue
Di dalam arus percintaan
Inside the wave of love
Perlukah kita untuk berkorban
Do we need to sacrifice
Demi pertahankan kebahagian
For the sake of defending our happiness

Dalam persimpangan ini
At this crossroad
Ku masih terus menanti
I am still waiting
Dalam rasa keharuan
Feeling touched within
Di manakah akhirnya
Where would it end

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