Gourmet Coffee vs the Local Malaysian Nescafe or Coffee

When you are in Malaysia, do try out the local varieties of coffee and tea for a fraction of the price of gourmet coffee.

Below is the advertisement of the gourmet coffee:

A cuppa like that with ambiance thrown in would set you back by about RM15. Of course it comes with unlimited Wifi and if you sit there for 3 hours or more, no one would chase you away. Lots of bloggers and writers can be seen sitting and typing away in their laptops…

Whereas, the simple Malaysian version if Nescafe tarik advertisement:

We have the Nescafe Shake- RM2.80 and the kopi shake, teh shake and cham shake- RM2.50. Not to mention my favourite- 3 layered tea– if I see it anywhere I’ll normally order it. But in these restaurants, there are no free Wifi, usually no air-con and if you are still sitting there after finishing your food the waiter would be hinting at you. Or other patrons would be standing behind you when there isn’t anywhere left for them to sit. It is often at places like these that you would find the most delicious food (for Malaysian, we would always go where it is most crowded because it’s an indication that the food there is nice and we get the hint and would not linger once our food is finished. Anyway, such places are hot and noisy).

OK, if you prefer something with the ambiance thrown in but more affordable and contained more localized flavour with filling food, try Pappa Rich’s thirst quenchers….if you look at the vast variety of drinks they offer, your mouth would water. Usually if you are there for hours, no one would chase you away and they also have free Wifi.

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