Where to get inexpensive but good quality home gym equipment

In Malaysia, most of us would get exercise or sports equipments like dumbbells, hand weights, figure twister, skipping rope, hand grips, chin up bar, exercise ball, stability balls, resistance bands, racquets,  etc from the commercialised sporting goods store.

However, I’ve discovered that quality products like from Body Sculpture brand can be brought from AEON Big (formerly known as Carrefour). The prices in AEON Big are cheaper for the same item compared to commercialised exercise equipment sellers or suppliers.


Before I visit stores like Fitness Concept or Johnson Fitness, I always check at AEON Big. I have bought the following items in the past and present from AEON Big:
1. Soft exercise or toning ball 2kg for RM16.90. Good to develop core strength

2. Body Sculpture set with stepper, 2 resistance bands, 2 soft exercise ball of 1 kg each. But honestly I did not use tje stepper. I bought it few years back about RM180 plus if not mistaken.

3. A 15kg dumbell set for RM139.90. It came with one chrome coated iron bar with 2 safety star collars, total 2.5kg. Grey coated iron disks 2pcs at 1.75kg, 2 pcs x 2kg, 2pcs x 2.5kg. (The 10kg set is  RM99.80 but I could not find it in the store). Packing is in a cardbox and not any fancy box so it is cheaper. The one that came in a durable plastic container costs RM165.90. I saw vinyl coated dumbbells selling for RM39.90 for a pair of 3.5kg each. Weighed hand grips of 2kg for RM29.90 ( the lighter ones are even cheaper).

3. Body sculpture skipping rope with counter for RM29.90. For mine the counter does not work so not worth getting. Got another brand Concorde for RM16.90.

4. Concorde brand Figure/waist/massage twister for RM28.90. The Body Sculpture brand costs RM44.90 if not mistaken…I did not buy that.

5. Body Sculpture soft hand grips….supposed to strengthen hands, wrists and forearms. RM16.90 for a pair.


Yes…I do use all these items since I do not have gym membership anymore. But having said that, some items I still buy from fitness sporting goods store.

Like my NordicTrack stability ball 55cm which I bought more than 5 years ago when Fitness Concept was selling it at only RM49 then- till today it is still very durable.

Or the Reebox rebounder/mini trampoline from Fitness Concept. And resistance bands (Yoga Movement brand) 3-in1 from Johnson Fitness for RM49

Before buying…..shop around. Go to a few Aeon Big outlets to see first if the price is right then compare with the popular sports goods store before buying.

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