Veterinary Clinic in Petaling Jaya near Jalan Gasing and PJ Old Town

For those of you who have pets for many years you may remember a very friendly doctor whose veterinary clinic is located in Section 1, Petaling Jaya old town near the Jalan Templar roundabout. It is very near the PJ Old Town Sau Seng Lum temple….within short walking distance.

The clinic has no air con and no frills. The doctor, a huge friendly doctor who had a belly hearty laugh was the one I used to take my pets to see since I was a young girl. The charges were reasonable…in fact the cheapest around. Unfortunately…I could not recall his name…was it Dr Mukundhan?

If your pet could not be cured…he would tell you honestly. No trying to give false hopes or sweet words.

In 2011 when my dog was sick and I brought him there,  I could see the vet himself was unwell…requiring the oxygen tank to help him breathe. But despite he was not feeling well…he could still muster some energy to crack a joke about both my dog and him have in common…both are too fat and need to lose weight followed by his laugh.

I discovered this doctor had already passed away when I wanted to go over to consult him about my sick pet recently. The shop where his clinic used to be was under renovation and when I asked the dobby shop next door…I was told the doctor had passed away and the business taken over by another vet but she did not know where. The old clinic had been bought over by Sau Seng Lam foundation and hence the renovation is going on.

For those of you who wanted to find where is the clinic…no worries…I managed to get the new address from the new vet 🙂

Animal Health Clinic
No. 272,  Jalan 5/51
Petaling Jaya
Tel 603-77825573/ 019-2815942.
Directions- from Templer roundabout, enter into the direction of Jalan Gasing. You see the telekom or tenaga building on your left but don’t turn there. Keep to your right at the traffic light. Turn right,  then right and first right. The doctor told me it is near a big open space carpark and his clinic is right next to Toto.
The clinic opens on Saturday in the afternoon.

Note: There is another alternative clinic called Ruby Pets Clinic in Petaling Jaya. View more on my experience in bringing my doggie to the clinic for treatment of canine cough.

Another alternative is Philos Veterinary Clinic located in Section 17 Petaling Jaya that also provide acupuncture treatment (but for acupuncture- appointment is required).

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