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Update: Mr Peter has set up a Facebook page to enable you to contact him directly.

The class for 2018 will commence on 4 March 2018 (Sunday) at 10am at Wat Chetawan.

Should you require more information, please contact Mr Peter at the facebook page above.

Resource for Thai language self learning which you can purchase online:

You can also purchase Thai keyboard stickers for your keyboard to help you type out in Thai language.


For 2015 Thai class for Beginners commences on Sunday, 1st March 2015.
The class would be held every Sunday as follows:
Intermediate: 1pm to 2.30pm
Beginners: 2.30pm to 4pm
Venue: Multipurpose Hall of Wat Chetawan, Jalan Gasing, Petaling Jaya
There is a small fee to be used for photostat and donation for the temple for using its facilities (electric, air con, etc).


For those who are staying in Selangor and Kuala Lumpur area, you can learn Thai launguage from a very dedicated lay teacher called Peter. In the class you would be systematically guided to read and write the Thai alphabets.

The next batch of beginners if Thai language  class would be held at Wat Chetawan at Jalan Gasing Petaling Jaya on Sunday 2 March 2014 at 2.30pm.

For intermediate, it is at 1pm on 2 March 2014. Venue is at the multipurpose hall.

I have taken the Thai language class  few years back from Peter and I find it very beneficial. He had provided me a firm foundation to help me able to read the basic Thai. In Thai language,  various romanized words is being used and different teachers or authors would use different method of translating. It is quite hard to learn from books actually.

From the translation that Peter taught,  I stuck firmly to the conventions he had used and it had helped me to read signs and sentences.

You may read about my experience here.

For those who wished to learn, just show up at the multipurpose hall at 2.30pm. No prior registration is required.

Hope you would find the class beneficial. The fees are very minimal….I think about RM30 or slightly more but the money is used to photostat materials and as a donation to the temple for using their facilities.


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  • tanjung Jan 19, 2014 Link

    First intake of 2014 for beginner is 2 March 2014?

    no January or February intake?

    usually how long will it take for beginner class?

    every sunday 2.30pm?

    thanks for reading.

  • Yin Jan 20, 2014 Link

    No, there is no class in Jan and Feb. Mr Peter only take off two months in a year which is Jan and Feb. The rest of the year he would then dedicate his Sundays to teach.

  • tanjung Jan 21, 2014 Link

    May i have your email address to ask more details?

  • Jun Apr 8, 2014 Link

    Hi, may i join the class now even though it’s already April? Or is there a new intake for beginner? Thank you.

  • Yin Apr 17, 2014 Link

    Yes…you can still join but please do not wait too long

  • KIM Apr 28, 2014 Link

    I would like to learn Thai language. Can i know when is the next intake ?

    Thank you


  • kim Apr 30, 2014 Link


    Can i know the next intake for beginner level?

    Thank you

  • Wan Ding Apr 30, 2014 Link

    Hi Yin,

    I would like to ask if I can still join the beginner’s class on Sundays now? Thank you.

  • Yin Apr 30, 2014 Link

    Dear Wan Ding, Kim and Hairey,

    The beginners class always start in march and ends in december. I have just spoken to the class monitor…yes…u can still join now. The class is on sunday 2.30pm at wat chetawan.
    But not wait for too long yeah…else would be hard to catch up

  • Yin Apr 30, 2014 Link

    Dear Wan Ding, Kim and Hairey,

    The beginners class always start in march and ends in december. I have just spoken to the class monitor…yes…u can still join now.

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