Masjid Jamek- busy area and train interchange

The Masjid Jamek LRT or Putra line is a very busy intersection area in Kuala Lumpur. An area where the STAR and Putra lite rail transit meet, it serves for the center of exchange for the convenient daily commute of those who stay in Petaling Jaya to commute to work in various area in KL and vice versa.

Usually, if working in KL, it is much convenient and stress free to commute via the train than to drive as sometimes the roads in Kuala Lumpur can become terribly congested especially during roadworks and rain.

This road, that is located between both the interchange of the train stations are constantly congested, even during non peak hours and weekends.

If you are taking the train, avoid the time between office peak hours: 8am to 9.15am and 5pm- 7.30pm. Travelling out of that time can be quite pleasant there would not be much commuters and it is convenient for you to get around town.

Masjek Jamek is the actual mosque where both the train stops are named after:

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