Crispy chicken rice, 3 layer tea and bak kut teh

Crispy chicken rice (RM6.90) from the Taman Megah food court is one of my favourites- after sometime of not going there, we went back there to have our lunch:

With the 3 layer tea (RM3)- which they put a bit of sirap ros (rose flavoured syrup), the 3 layer tea tasted a bit strange- coz not used to it.

There’s also the bak kut teh- the whole set above cost about RM9. If your body is feeling cold, having bak kut teh can make you feel better- because of the heaty herbs being used to prepare the food. By nature bak kut teh is quite fattening- which you can reduce by not eating the fried char koay and ordering lean meat instead.

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