Nine Emperor Gods Festival begins- vegetarian diet

The Nine Emperor Gods Festival will start on eve of the 9th month of the Chinese lunar calendar which is Saturday,  28 September 2019. 28 September 2019 is the first day of the 9th lunar calendar and last till Monday, 7 October 2019. Traditionally, heavy rain is to be expected during this festival- it used to rain almost without fail since I was growing up. Please remember to bring your umbrella with you wherever you go even if the daytime is sunny and hot coz you will never know….

Since I was 15 years old, I have tried to observe a vegetarian diet on new moon and full moon days. I find it good in terms of training my willpower and determination. Initially, I would have more urge to eat meat during these days but after a while, it went off and it became natural to go on vegetarian diet during these days.

When I was studying in university, a friend promoted the benefits of observing a 9 day vegetarian diet during the 9 Emperor Gods festival and I’ve tried to follow it since- but I am not so strict in the sense I still take milk products like cheese and cakes.

Around the same time, my Indian friends are also starting their 9 day vegetarian diet, even though this year I’ve had less friends joining me. In Thailand now, the Vegetarian Festival is also observed at the same time. In my office, we were lucky because we have 2 stalls selling vegetarian food: Indian and Chinese food. And the business with the vegetarian stalls are brisks during new moon, full moon and the 9 Emperor days- signifying that quite a number of staff in my office are also on a vegetarian diet during that time.

Anway, for those who would like to observe and is in search of places in Klang Valley offering vegetarian diet, here are a few of my recommendation from last year’s article.  There are also authentic vegetarian restaurants like Chat Masala located in Bangsar and Brickfields.

Happy observing vegetarian diet for those who are following  this year.

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